March 2022 - Mlnarik Law Group

How the FDCPA Protects You From Debt Collectors

March 24, 2022

Usually when someone receives dozens of phone calls at all hours of the day, all by the same person who also troubles the victim’s family, friends, and neighbors, we have a word for it:  STALKER!  And legally, stalkers are criminals. Suppose the same scenario applies with just one difference: the “stalker” is a debt collector. 

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Bankruptcy Law & Policy: Good for the Few & Many

March 23, 2022

In 1542, England passed the first modern bankruptcy law (known as “Statute of Bankrupts”) during the reign of that lovable old curmudgeon, Henry VIII. The law’s purpose? Make sure no one could ever fail to pay back a loan without severe consequences. In other words, only one social purpose was served: repayment of creditors—or else.

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