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    When Should You Contact an Attorney?

    Whether you are the party bringing the lawsuit or the party defending yourself, it’s important to know the best time to contact Mlnarik Law Group.

    Contact us  if you have any of the following questions:

    • How should I respond if I’m served a lawsuit?
    • Do I have a legitimate reason to file a lawsuit?
    • How do I file a lawsuit?
    • Should I file a lawsuit right away?
    • Where do I file my lawsuit?


    In civil lawsuits, the plaintiff and their attorney bring a case for money damages against the defendant for causing either physical or emotional damages. The question that the plaintiff’s attorney needs to address is whether the party being sued is responsible for the physical or emotional injuries suffered.

    Settling a Civil Case

    One of the jobs for our civil attorneys is to determine if a civil case can be settled before filing the case with the civil court. As cost- and time-effective alternatives, settlements are usually determined prior to going to trial and, in many cases, are the recommended directions for court representatives.

    There are 2 main processes for settling civil cases in California:

      • Mediation
      • Arbitration

    What is Mediation?

    In mediation, a trained neutral mediator is selected by both parties in a lawsuit to help guide toward a settlement.

    The appointed mediator meets privately with each party and helps identify the risks of going to trial, but does not have the power to force anyone to agree on a settlement.

    What is Arbitration?

    In arbitration, an arbitrator is appointed to act like a judge for the plaintiff and defendant to present evidence to.

    Once evidence has been presented, your Mlnarik Law Group civil attorney will argue your case to the arbitrator, who will render a decision.


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