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Family Law

In addition to obtaining your divorce, we will assist you with spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, division of property, assets and debts, restraining orders, and whatever other issues may apply to your case. Even if you are already divorced we can help you pursue a modification of prior orders.

Trusts and Estate Planning

Planning for the future of your loved ones has become especially important to people, given our current economic climate. Establishing a clear plan for the distribution of your assets and planning for your care protects your property and health interests. We can help you through the legal, practical and tax complexities of handling the probate of a loved one’s estate.

When it comes to planning your estate, your situation and your wishes are not the same as anyone else’s. Formbook and computerized documents cannot fully deal with the nuances of your needs. The Mlnarik Law Group Attorneys , provide carefully customized wills and other estate and advance planning documents.

Each is specifically created to accomplish your particular wishes and to meet your family’s particular needs. Because they are created on an individual basis, rather than through a one-size-fits-all computer program. Will keep working until you are fully satisfied.

Bankruptcy Law

Specializing in Consumer Bankruptcy, the attorneys and staff at The Mlnarik Law Group will help you through these difficult financial times so that you are better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. The Mlnarik Law Group realizes that everyone has a unique situation and its staff of professionals take their time to achieve a positive result for our clients. Whether you are an individual, small business, or large corporation wanting the benefits of reorganization, The Mlnarik Law Group, can handle your bankruptcy needs in Chapter 7, 11, or 13.

If you are considering bankruptcy the best way for us to evaluate your particular situation is to fill out the Free online evaluation form.

Tax Law

Tax laws in California are some of the most complicated and highest in the country. When you hire one of our tax attorneys, you get an expert in tax law with extensive experience and the professional skills to develop strategic solutions for your situation. We are here to serve you and your tax needs in honest, transparent, trustworthy and ethical ways.

Our attorneys offer a variety of tax-related services including tax audit reconsideration, wage garnishments, tax defense for business owners, non-collection status projects, and more.

Civil Litigation

Specializing in business litigation, debt collection and defense, and employment defense, the Mlnarik Law Group, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to guide you to success in civil litigation. Whether you’ve been sued or want to file a new lawsuit, The Mlnarik Law Group, Inc. will use all the resources at its disposal to get the best result for you. The attorneys at the firm are very experienced in both negotiation and litigation. In most cases, the firm will leverage its negotiation skills to get you a quicker and cheaper resolution of your dispute. However, unlike many firms, if the need to have a lengthy trial arises, the attorneys at The Mlnarik Law Group, Inc. will be happy to  take your case to the jury and win at trial for you.